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Floodplain Management

The flood prone areas within the jurisdiction of the Town of Navassa are subject to periodic inundation which could result in loss of life, property, health and safety hazards, disruption of commerce and governmental services, extraordinary public expenditures of flood protection and relief, and impairment of the tax base, all of which adversely affect the public health, safety, and general welfare. These flood losses are caused by the cumulative effect of obstructions in floodplains causing increases in flood heights and velocities and by the occupancy in flood prone areas of uses vulnerable to floods or other hazards.

Therefore, is the purpose of the Town of Navassa's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance to promote public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions within flood prone areas. The Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) refers to the land in the floodplain subject to a one percent (1%) or greater chance of being flooded in any given year.

Specifically, the SFHAs are those identified under the Cooperating Technical State (CTS) agreement between the State of North Carolina and FEMA in its FIS dated December 6, 2019 for Brunswick County and associated DFIRM panels, including any digital data developed as part of the FIS, which are adopted by reference and declared a part of this ordinance. Future revisions to the FIS and DFIRM panels that do not change flood hazard data within the jurisdictional authority of the Town of Navassa are also adopted by reference and declared a part of this ordinance.

Permit, Ordinance & Plans:

Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Damage Prevention Ordinance

Watershed Management Plan