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The goal of Navassa Parks and Recreation is to provide resources and services for the purposes of leisure, entertainment, and recreational pursuits to Town of Navassa citizens and its guests. Resources may be public spaces and facilities like parks, nature preserves, open space areas, greenways, trails, water courses, and built structures for sport, recreation, or arts programs.


Public Parks


Rowell's Branch Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

Located in District Two of Navassa, this  planned park provides access to the unique habitat that is Rowell's Branch. Once fully developed, this park will provide boardwalk access along the pond and access to an upland park.

Navassa Township District Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

Located at 800 Park Avenue, this park is owned and maintained by Brunswick County in partnership with the Town. The park includes a baseball field, two playgrounds, a fenced tennis court, a basketball court, a picnic shelter, and a grilling area.

Cartwheel Branch Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

This proposed park is to be located on Royster Road and when fully built it will provide two dog parks, a splash pad, an amphitheater, open air shelters, and a boardwalk.

South Waterfront Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

Located off of Old Mill Drive, this planned park will offer a small 2-acre park adjacent to a 7-acre freshwater pond open for public fishing as well as a non-motorized boat launch that provides access directly onto Mill Creek.


Old Bridge Park


Cartwheel Branch Park


Located on both sides of Daniels Road, this planned park is along Indian Creek and will provide a fishing access point on the west end and a kayak launch on the eastern end.


Davis Creek Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

This park is located at 574 Davis Creek Drive and offers a variety of active and passive recreational opportunities including: a boardwalk, a motorized boat ramp, two kayak launches, and a shaded gazebo for relaxation.

Thomas Monument Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

The Thomas Monument park and picnic area, located at 334 Main Street, provides dedicated open space for relaxation under two large Oak trees with two outdoor tables and community constructed rain gardens.

Phoenix District Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

Located at 2726 Mt. Misery Road, this park includes a softball field, a playground, basketball court, a covered shelter, and a grilling area. Future improvements will provide nature trails that meander through the wooded rear of the propery and additional facilities.

Moze Heritage Park

Cartwheel Branch Park

This proposed park will be located on the grounds of the former Moze Plantation. Located along the Brunswick River, this park will provide nature trails, a fishing pier, and a kayak launch.

Public Trails

Cartwheel Branch Rail Trail

Cartwheel Branch TrailCartwheel Branch Rail Trail is a unique, proposed trail that is as much recreation as it is a tour of Navassa's industrial history. Cartwheel Branch Park serves as the northern access to this trail, as it runs north to south along a converted rail, that used to supply Royster and Smith-Douglas fertilizer plants in the 1800s. The center of the trail crosses Davis Creek along an old trestle bridge which serves as the midway point at Davis Creek Park. The southern legs ends at the monument for Hall's Cemetery.

Indian Creek Nature Trail

Cartwheel Branch TrailIndian Creek Nature Trail is an expansive, planned trail that located on the cultrually significant lands locally known as Hall's Landing. The several distinct habitats occurring on the property include tidal blackwater stream, tidal freshwater marsh and tidal freshwater swamp forest. The trial will have two access points on Cedar Hill Road that will allow for travelers to walk along the permiter of the tidal freshwater habitats and the 70-acre lake in the interior of the site. Accessed by a gravel path, patrons will be able to launch from two new non-motorized boat ramps on Indian Creek.

Navassa Heritage Trail

Cartwheel Branch TrailThe Navassa Heritage Nature Trail is a planned walking and biking route stretching 10 miles from the Phoenix Community to the Old Mill community, connecting our town’s most populated areas. The Navassa Heritage Nature Trail is designed to transform the 3 districts and 5 communities it connects through active and healthy lifestyles, sustainable transportation, community engagement, climate resilience, tourism, and more. The Trail offers a safe place for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and more — of all ages and abilities — to commute, exercise, and visit new destinations.

South Waterfront Trail

Cartwheel Branch TrailThe South Waterfront Trail will provide an integrated pedestrian trail system to include an environmental education and observation area along a beautiful strech of Mill and Sturgeon Creek. Improvements directly along the creeks include a transient boat dock and fishing platform at recorded deep water points. Additionally, the conservation areas will also create public pedestrian access to connect with the Town’s multi‐use path planned at the Navassa Township Park.

Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The Navassa Planning Department worked with the town's Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and planning consultant Howard Capps in order to create a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The plan can be viewed by clicking on the PDF links below. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan includes an inventory of existing parks and recreation facilities, a current and projected demographics analysis of the town, development of recreation standards and a needs assessment, recommendations, and an implementation plan.

The goal of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to enable the town to better compete for grant funding for park improvements to the Phoenix Park, identify future staffing requirements for forming a Parks and Recreation Department within the town, and to help identify the recreational needs of Navassa citizens.

The Navassa Town Council approved the Parks and Recreation Master Plan on September 15, 2011. Click here to view the adopted plan.